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Congratulations Brandon Wright Class of 2020 Graduate

Saturday, May 16, 2020 we attended a virtual graduation for Felician University class of 2020. We were excited to view this event because my nephew, Brandon Wright, was part of the graduating class of 2020. Although it was VIRTUAL due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we could not have been more EXCITED.

Brandon earned his BA degree in Business Administration. He is the son of one of my beloved sister's Carmella A. Wright (October 15, 1968 - August 23, 2011) and grandson of my parents, Bishop James D. Wright, Sr and Pastor Margaret A. Wright. He is also the dearly loved brother of Ms. Ebony Wright. Brandon also has aunts (Delphine, Glinda, Wenda) an uncle (James D. Wright, Jr) cousins, friends and extended friends who are also very proud of this milestone and new beginning in his life.

While everyone loves and supports Brandon, his greatest cheerleader, mentor, encouragement has been his beloved sister, Ebony, who just like her mother, is passionate about children.

Ebony is an early childhood professional. She is dedicated, creative, compassionate, loving and nurturing. She loves her job and the children she teaches loves Ms.Ebony too! Prior to the death of her mother, Ebony served well as a caregiver to both her mom and brother Brandon.

Ebony and Brandon has been one of the closest sibling TEAMS I've ever met. They love and respect each other and hold each other accountable. Their hard work, discipline, courage, tenacity wasn't easy. Nothing is ever achieved without any life adversity, loss, setbacks and challenges.

"I just want to add that before my mom died, she said, 'Make sure my (Tank) "Brandon" is okay and she gave me all the cards and documents", said Ebony. "I wrote her a letter and put it in her hand in her casket and said, 'Mommy, I will make sure your baby is fine. We will be alright. Rest now".

It wasn't easy writing this blog. I miss my sister dearly. One thing I know for sure is with faith, family, and a few good friends hurts can heal and setbacks can become stepping stones. Virtual graduation commencement May 16, 2020 was a special day of celebration, memory and destiny.

Brandon Wright, was born June 22, 1998 and raised by a single mother who loved him very much.

Brandon attended Macedonia Redeemed Pentecostal Church, under the leadership of his grand-parents.

After graduating from Public School #41 in Jersey City, NJ he attended University Academy Charter High School. After graduating in 2016 he attended Felician University, a private Catholic university preparing today's students to become 21st century leaders today and tomorrow.

Brandon was very active on campus. He served as president of EOF, young entrepreneurs club, a residence assistant and a mentor. Some of his favorite subjects were marketing, business management, psychology, criminal justice, business ethics, and sports management.

When asked about what he loved most he said, "What I loved most about the college is the diversity, different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities". His favorite place to eat was called Boom Boom chicken, a Korean Restaurant located approximately five minutes away from campus. "Their chicken with garlic soy sauce was immaculate", added Brandon.

Interviewing Brandon for this blog gave me an opportunity to learn more about my nephew. I've always been passionate about education and helping students discover their potential and fulfill their purpose. It was a blessing learning about some of his future aspirations, dreams and goals.

"My future goal is to have multiple businesses 100% owned by me and create a fortune 500 company with my surname. I want to give back to every school I went to, start a scholarship fund for minority students who want to further their education and provide a better and consistent stable life for my family". WOW!!! WOW!!!! Dreams do become reality when we write a vision and make it plain.

We're happy to announce that Brandon Wright has been selected to be the recipient of the Crossroad Women and Family Services Aspire to College Class of 2020 Achievement Award. Congratulations Brandon!

If you and your family, business, organization, church or ministry would like to send a gift of any size

to Brandon Wright and Ebony Wright you can mail your gift to Crossroad Women and Family Services, Aspire to College Program, Post Office Box 2421, Kingston, NY 12402.

You can also Cash App your gift to ($CWFS) Crossroad Women and Family Services.

If you have any questions or comments please email

Please stay tuned for our next blog- where Brandon will give a special message to family, friends, mentors and professors. Thank you taking time to share in this special occasion.

With Hearts of Gratitude,

Patrina Wright-Torres, Executive Director

Reyes Torres, Jr., Men's Outreach

Crossroad Women and Family Services

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