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Restore, Recover, Rebuild TV Broadcast 


Patrina Wright-Torres also begin hosting and producing a TV broadcast and radio ministry to help spread a message of hope, help and healing.  In 2011 "Restore, Recover, Rebuild" TV was produced to explore various topics. Stories that touch humanity touch us all. From economic issues, state of children and youth to trauma of homeless families,  incarcerated juveniles,  homeless veterans and gun violence. 


Get Ready To Be. INSPIRED. MOTIVATED. for PURPOSE. towards your DESTINY.  


Topic: It's Time to Get Back to Life- Part 1


There was a WOMAN who suffered for 12 years with a bleeding disorder. According to Jewish law the Rabbi's couldn't touch her. The people in the community didn't know how to help her. The temple leaders saw and probably shook their heads. She was on the outside looking in. 


Perhaps you know what it's like to need help and don't know where to turn. Maybe you or someone you know made several attempts to break free from drugs, alcohol and bad relationships. 


Maybe your struggled was unhealthy beliefs, depression, chronic disease or adverse childhood sickness. 

In this episode learn about a WOMAN who struggled too. I believe that you can relate to her story.


Whether you're a college student, mother, wife, grandmother or CEO women understand women.

We can learn how to PUSH pass discrimination, victimization, injustice, and get back to life.

Click On the Link Below To Watch This Life-Changing Episode of, "Restore, Recover, Rebuild". 








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