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Real Estate Donations

EVERY child deserves a safe, environmentally healthy and sanitary place they can call home. Donating real estate such as a multi-family, second home, rental property, land, commercial real estate or property used for religious purposes can  help Crossroad Women and Family Services continue to fulfill it's purpose to provide holistic programs and services. We're on a mission to empower and enrich the lives of low-income and underserved  mothers with children, court involved youth, persons with disabilities and individuals  re-entering society. By donating you're helping us to help those who find themselves at a "crossroad" rebuild their lives and move towards self-sufficiency, recovery and sustainability. Thank you for your support! 

Modern Architecture

Real Estate Donations We Accept

Giving Property Program 

If you have land, commercial or residential property that's  not being used we can  accept any type of real estate property that has a clear title, positive equity and no environmental issues. Simply click on the donation link provided or make your donation by phone (844)-277-HOME.

Green Farm

Farm Land 

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