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Global Mission - Uganda, East Africa

We're are honored and blessed to serve our spiritual family and friends in Uganda, East Africa. Your support can help feed children, provide for a widow, help provide for agricultural, transportation, educational or family structural needs for families in need.  Your one-time gift or monthly contribution will make impact. Your prayers and partnership can help extend the love and compassion of Christ. Luke 10:33 a good Samaritan saw a man in need and had compassion.  


Every culture and community need hope, help and healing. Every child need educational, social, nutritional, medical, family support. Every child was born a gift to their families and created in the image of God. Your faith and prayers can help impoverished families in need. You can make a difference by helping young children, vulnerable children, lonely children, widows and young adults in need ofl love, compassionate care, encouragement, and hope for NOW and the future. 


To help reach Uganda, East Africa please use the Paypal Button below or email  Thank you for being an agent of change.


Donor Support "Make a Wish List"


Nursery and Primary School Supplies.

Transportation (Car, Van, Motor-bike)

Clothes, shoes, socks, coats for school-aged children

Dresses, suits, footwear for adults (various sizes)

Pampers, bottles, wipes (non-perfume)

Books, arts and crafts, folders, pens, pencils.

Rugs, chairs, computers, laptops.

Sleeping cots, cribs.

Educational videos, CD's, DVDS's

Musical instruments 

Hygiene products, face masks, hand sanitizer

Cleaning products and supplies

Healthy snacks 

Food supplies for breakfast and lunch

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