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                                   Lecturer * Adjunct Instructor * Keynote* Conference Speaker*

"Patrina was incredibly engaging and shared so many stories that touched my heart! Thank you for talking about these important topics."

"The instructor was wonderful! She was powerful, passionate, and full of love. I love that she shared bits of her faith throughout the presentation. It made me feel empowered and made the fire in my soul burn a little brighter. Ephesians 4:7-16"

"Very engaging, I highly recommend this instructor!"

"Patrina is an amazing speaker. She is so knowledgeable and her POSITIVITY is infectious! I want to thank Patrina for coming to campus today and speaking with us!"

"I really enjoyed the personal tone of the workshop and how the instructor used personal experiences to teach, as well as allowing participants to share personal experiences of their own."

"Patrina was lovely, informational, and engaging. Thank you!"

"Very engaging and motivational. I loved that the speaker was very motivational and seemed to truly care!"

"Mrs. Torres was very engaging and intelligent. She was also passionate about helping youth. Keep spreading your message and making an impact on so many people"

"Patrina is very passionate about the topic, very inspirational and eloquent. A great speaker and educator. Thank you!"

"Patrina was very engaging and encouraged comments and questions. You can tell she is passionate about this topic. I loved this workshop. Definitely will remember this instructor and her advice throughout my teaching career"

"This workshop was incredible. Patrina was passionate and simply amazing at getting her point across. You are such an amazing soul. Thank you for caring."

"The workshop was extremely engaging. The instructor kept the workshop interesting and motivating. I would rate her a 10/10! Loved the workshop. So motivating and inspiring! Never a dull moment."

"I was incredibly engaged and inspired by Reverend Torres' instruction. The information presented was clear and elaborated on thoroughly. Thank you for presenting. Your presentation struck me as both a student a-nd aspiring teacher."

"Patrina was very knowledgeable of the topic. I learned a lot about how to prevent school violence. Excellent speaker!"

"Mrs. Torres is AMAZING! I love the personal connection to the workshop. She is very passionate and it helps for me to connect and listen to what she says. Excellent workshop and instructor. Mrs. Torres is a gem and an inspiration. God bless her and her beautiful family!"

"Very engaging speaker and appealing slides. Love how the content was associated to real life examples; excited to apply to my teaching."

"I found it captivating and inspiring. Thank you for your commitment to the profession and for sharing that passion with us today."

"Patrina provided ample time and opportunity for questions, comments, and concerns. Extremely empathetic. Thank you:)"

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