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Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc.

Post Office Box 2421, Kingston, NY 12402

Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc.

"Changing the Lives of Women, Children and Families since 2004"

Restore, Recover, Rebuild TV Broadcast 

While writing a newspaper column Patrina Wright-Torres also begin hosting and producing a TV broadcast and radio ministry to help spread a message of hope, help and healing.  "Restore, Recover, Rebuild" TV show addressed various topics, ranging from social issues, state of rural children and youth to stories of setbacks, gun violence and making a comeback. The program recorded at Southeastern Community College, Whiteville, North Carolina air on Time Warner Cable, Channel 6 was viewed by surrounding NC communities.

As an author and storyteller she believes good stories can engage the whole person, "spirit, soul and body".

When interviewing published authors, motivational speakers, young people, social entrepreneurs and faith leaders her focus is helping them tell their "unique story".  Every life matters. Rising from the ashes to restore and rebuild is possible. We can heal from the pain of heartbreak. YOUR STORY is the next comeback! 

We welcome you to view the programs. Thank you tuning in to Restore, Recover, Rebuild today! 

Topic: Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur Journey to INSPIRE Change for Homeless 

In the United States of America homelessness is an issue. No one wakes up in the morning and decides to move from home to sleeping on the streets, sidewalks, vehicles, bus stations or a self-made tent. People struggling with chronic housing insecurity "ALL" have one thing in common. They are human beings created in the IMAGE of God.

Children, youth, women, elderly, college students, veterans struggling with homeless need holistic help. Safe, sanitary, and affordable housing is one key to helping people struggling with housing. Some homeless people don't even know their "worthy" of housing. Essential resources and services can help people get back on track. It must be done with a spirit of grace and dignity. Housing, healthcare, food, education, employment and insurance are basic needs.

Author, speaker, and entrepreneur Jovan Roseboro sat down for an interview with Restore, Recover and Rebuild.

We talked about his journey from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Washington, DC. Becoming the "CHANGE" we want to see was a theme during President Barak Obama campaign. Americans must not wait on others but begin to seek to discover, "Why am I here?". We help people discover purpose so they can release power to create change. Learn what Jovan did to inspire people to pay attention to issues of homelessness and at-risk youth. You can be the change you want to see in your family, community, workplace, school or faith community or abroad. Thank you for watching!

Topic: It's Time to Get Back to Life- Part 1

There was a WOMAN who suffered for 12 years with a bleeding disorder. According to Jewish law the Rabbi's couldn't touch her. The people in the community didn't know how to help her. The temple leaders saw and probably shook their heads. She was on the outside looking in. Perhaps you know what it's like to need help and don't know where to turn. Maybe you or someone you know made several attempts to break free from drugs, alcohol and bad relationships. Maybe your struggled was unhealthy beliefs, mental illness or sickness. In this episode learn about a WOMAN who struggled too. We can learn how to PUSH pass discrimination, victimization, injustice, hopelessness and get back to life.

Topic: It's Time to Get Back to Life- Part 2

THE WOMAN with the issue of blood has problem that she didn't cause. She had a blood disorder that she didn't know how to get healed from or if she could ever be HEALED. She was treated with contempt. People in the COMMUNITY looked down on her. She felt unwanted and unloved. Like a rejected nobody. Everyone talked about her. Whisperers scandalized her name. They didn't know the pain, shame, guilt, fear and depression she struggled with. She spent everything she had but didn't get better. Her condition only grew worse. Maybe you are struggling with a condition that relationships, family, friends, government or religion can't heal. In this episode of, "Restore, Recover, Rebuild" learn what this woman did to find healing and be made whole. You don't have to wear a mask. We all have a story. We all can get be made whole.

There is healing, hope, health, wellness, strength, confidence and a NEW beginning waiting for you!

Topic: What's Your Plan?

Do you have a PLAN for your life? Is your life fulfilling? Are you pursuing the right job, right education, right relationships? If not, no worries. It's NEVER too late to make a U-turn. You were born with greatness in your DNA. You were born to THRIVE, PROSPER and SUCCEED. Underneath all the junk, drama and trauma is greatness, purpose, gifts, talents, skills, potential.

If where you are today isn't where you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years from now all you need is a plan. The power of CHOICE is on your side. Many people get "stuck" in the past and never cross over to the other side. That doesn't have to be your story. In this video I share tools and tips.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. NO one can hold you back. NO one can stop your purpose.

NO one can deter you from the life you were created to live- but you. Your thinking has to change.

If you want to improve or make adjustments in your life it's a sign that you are alive. You are growing. You are developing. You can have a blessed life. A liberated life. A healthy life. A holistically prosperous life. A happy life. A whole life. It happens inside of you. When society stands at a "crossroad" shift happens. Anytime things are shaking it's for a reason and a season.

Don't get stuck in the loss. Don't get paralyzed by fear. Don't get stuck in what was. This too shall pass. Choose to reposition yourself for restoration, rejuvenation, refreshing, relaunching.

If you'd like to speak to spiritual leader, Christian counselor, youth minister or substance abuse counselor please feel free to email us at [email protected] We will respond to your correspondence. Thank you.