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Blog for Men

A Few Good Men

Women have been speaking up and standing against the evil of child abuse, neglect and cruelty, violence, oppression, sexual assault and rape. Women have been standing in the gap for daughters and sons, nieces and nephews. They've help raise grand-children, hurting and lonely children, neighborhood children and children of those for which they worked. Women have served as spiritual mothers, mentors and mid-wives. The work isn't easy. Story after story. Case after case. 

The tears, fears, sorrow and grief becomes overwhelming.

Find Ms.RIGHT For You!

Hello Friends,

If you've ever seen a young lady on the street and thought, "Wow I'd really like to talk to her" but you didn't follow through or you didn't go up and introduce yourself you may have had a few of the normal
"what would have, could have or should have" thoughts racing through your head.

If you've ever found yourself stopped short when it comes to relationships or approaching a woman you find interesting OR  if you're ever had the courage to go up and introduce yourself and it just didn't work out perhaps I can help.

Men Unleash the King in You

Within every male born there is also a man. Baby boys are not born to stay babies. They grow, they develop, they mature. There is a stage they must go through in order to reach manhood. Unfortunately, far too many men have experienced an interruption in the process to manhood.
So much has taken places in their lives during the transition. Many men have experienced situations in life that have should have not take place. Some things happened which were beyond their control. 

Traumas, breakdowns and break-ups can take place in the lives of men just like it does women.
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