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Domestic Violence Only Delayed Your Destiny

The following post was taken from Chapter #8 in my book, "The Exodus Breaking Cycles and Changing Lives: Repositioning Your Soul to THRIVE After Domestic Violence'. I hope that you enjoy!
Domestic Violence Only Delayed Your Destiny
I believe that you are reading this book because you were destined to read it. How you received a copy really isn't the issue. Before you were born God knew you. He also knew that you would be at this particular place and time in your life. Our days are number and what's going to take place in our lives

Healing Our Hurting Athletes

Have you ever taken the opportunity to sit down and talk with someone? Not about what they do but about who they are. Not about their wins, but what they feel they've loss and can never get back. There are many athletes who are winning on the field, but it seems that they're losing off the field. Many times we forget that athletes wasn't born playing sports. They are REAL PEOPLE. 

They hurt, they bleed and they cry. Many young men have been hurt within their families. Hurt by the father they never knew.

Find Ms.RIGHT For You!

Hello Friends,

If you've ever seen a young lady on the street and thought, "Wow I'd really like to talk to her" but you didn't follow through or you didn't go up and introduce yourself you may have had a few of the normal
"what would have, could have or should have" thoughts racing through your head.

If you've ever found yourself stopped short when it comes to relationships or approaching a woman you find interesting OR  if you're ever had the courage to go up and introduce yourself and it just didn't work out perhaps I can help.

Domestic violence isn't normal

There are situations when you find yourself at a crossroad. When it comes down to relationships there are times when you must discern when to hold them or fold them. In cases of repeated and unrepentant domestic violence seek help. There are times when HELP consists of leaving a dangerous situation and finding refuge in a home for battered women and children.

Perhaps a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister,  girlfriend or a neighbor stayed in an abusive relationship and never left. That doesn't mean you should.

15 yr old girl suffered abuse in silence

This morning I read a news story concerning a 15 yr old girl who fatally shot her 16 yr old brother. It appears that the parents left the 16 yr old brother in charge of his female siblings ages 15, 11 and 3 while they go to work. The father was a truck driver and the mother went for the ride. 

This is a traumatic situation. I read where the 15 yr old girl had been locked in a room with just a blanket and a bucket to use the bathroom. It was also said that due to "misbehaving" she has been locked up in the room for 20 days at a time.

Saving Marriage With Unconditional Love

What are the essential ingredients in an ideal relationship?

In the middle of a workshop recently a pertinent question was asked about what creates the ideal relationship. We are asked to think of a relationship we had with something in the last week in one's mind was the ideal relationship, and to think of what it was about the relationship that made it ideal.

A number of men in the group thought of their cars, tool sheds, families, workmates, old friends, even relationships with objections such as their television remote, recliner chair, or favorite pair of shoes.

Healing From the Pain of Divorce

Divorce. Shock. Shame. Guilt. Anger. Bitterness. If you have been hurt by divorce it's very likely that you have experienced several of these emotions. Divorce is a very painful place. But there is healing for the pain of divorce. There is life. There is hope. There is laughter. There is forgiveness. There is wholeness. 

Experiencing loss is never easy. Losing a marriage, losing close friendships or losing financial resources requires significant adjustments. To begin the journey towards healing from the pain of divorce means being willing to grieve.

Crossroad C.A.R.E. Outreach Center

I was encouraged this morning reading Dr. Charles Stanley In Touch Devotional for Monday, December 9th. Though today is December 8th the message resonated with me and I gladly received it. 

"When Things Seem Impossible" was the title. In the devotional Dr. Stanley wrote about a time when his church was preparing to purchase some very costly property. Like many churches, they didn't want to go into debt. At that time they didn't have all the they money needed. Actually, they had less than half.

Footsteps Divinely Ordered

Few weeks ago driving down the highway I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed "flashing lights". 
In the words of  Madea, " it was the po-po" or in other words a state trooper.

I pulled over went through the procedures and was given a ticket. It wasn't a speeding ticket.  My car tags were expired. Car inspection was overdue. My mistake. So, after issuing the ticket the officer informed me that once I've taken care of the matter I should submit proof prior to my court date.

Where healing waters flow

Have you ever used the expression, "When it rains it pours?". 

People are most likely to say these words when it seems that it's one thing after the other. The car breaks down. The job lays you off.  You get a phone call about the passing of a loved one. Your computer crashes right in the middle of a major project that's due with a few days. You discover your gut feelings were right, your mate was being unfaithful. You didn't get the promotion you hoped for....

I'm sure that you can add a few things to this list because there are times in life when the storms of life are raging.

Determine What You Really Want

Everyday in life we make decisions. From the moment we open our eyes until we go to bed in the evening. In every area of our lives we are constantly making decisions about what to do, where to go, how to do certain things. The greatest thing we can do for ourselves is learn how to determine what we really want. 

King Solomon made some very costly mistakes because. He pursued too many goals at the same time. He had been seeking fulfillment yet he didn't know why he wasn't fulfilled. King Solomon reached a high level of success and yet he still felt empty.

The beginning of my story

In 2004 while sitting in class at the New York Theological Seminary God began to speak to me. One might refer to it as having a God moment or hearing a Word from the Lord. Either way, there was no doubt in my mind that I had just had an encounter with a very real God.

I wasn't dreaming and there was no reason for me to think it was my imagination. God really does speak but when He does it's up to us to hear His voice.

My professor was lecturing and as she was speaking I heard a still small voice.

Restoring Families, Reclaiming Youth

Mass shooting, fatherless homes, sex trafficking and child sexual abuse cases like the Jerry Sandusky trial are very troubling situations. Things are happening so fast that it can almost make your head spin. Fear and anxiety has been gripping the hearts and minds of children for years. But no one is really talking about it. Well, I want you to know that we must find comfort in the words of David in Psalm 50:15, "Call on me when you are in trouble and I will rescue you". It is during perilous times like these that we must cry out to God for our families.

Steps Towards Freedom

Are there any situations in your life preventing you from being "you"? 

Underneath all of the junk that life throws our way there is someone really beautiful. That someone is "you". I want to encourage you to know that wherever you are today on your journey there is more to life than what you see. There is more in life for you than what you've experienced so far. 

Perhaps there is some pain preventing you from being who you were born to be. Did you know that we were born to create?

Bringing Children to Jesus

During my morning devotions I read about parents bringing their little children to Jesus. "One day some parents brought their little children to Jesus so he could touch and bless them" (Luke 18:15). I begin to think about the parents. They obviously knew something about Jesus. I don't believe that these parents would have brought their precious children to Jesus if they had not believed that Jesus loved the little children. I also believe that these parents recognized who Jesus was.

Focus on where you're going

Everyone has a story to tell. There is not one person on planet earth that hasn't experienced pain.
It is a part of life. Growing up my mother  use to say, "You don't have to look for trouble because trouble will find you". She taught us to avoid looking for trouble and how to stay out of harms way.
Tests, trials and harships has a way of producing something in you that may not have been produced any other way. Recently I shared with someone that not everybody has to go to the school of hard-knocks.

21 Reasons to Join The Innocence Revolution

The Innocence Revolution is slated to be launched throughout the World on April 14, 2013. This is a global crusade to end the crime of child sexual abuse. People from all walks of life will unite and energize a coalition or organizations and individuals to sustain a global effort to end sexual abuse of children. 

We are inviting people to participate in this historic event. I believe that this will be one of the greatest healing movements that will ever take place. This is what the world needs NOW.

The Innocence Revolution

Are you a survivor of child sexual abuse? You're not alone. There are over 42 million adult survivors of child sexual abuse in America alone. Experts also estimate that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Do you know what this means? In any classroom or neighborhood full of children there are children who are suffering in silence due to sexual abuse.

If you are an adult survivor of sexual abuse I would like to invite you to be part of one of the greatest movements that I believe will change the world.

God Speaks Through Dreams

Are you a dreamer? A few years ago God started dealing with me in dreams. It was during a very dark season in my life. I was going through so much in almost every area of my life. It was certainly a wilderness season. I've come through some tests since that time. But I don't think I've ever been through a season like that one. There are some test, trials or seasons you just don't want to repeat. That was one.

But at the same time can I tell you something? During that extended trial I learned some things about God that I otherwise may not have known.

Are you worried?

Is there something you're worried about? Sometimes we worry, but worry doesn't please God. I'm not suggesting that you deny when there's a problem. That mountain that you're looking at may be staring you right in the face. It might even look impossible. At the same time, there isn't a mountain that can't be moved in your life. Your problems are real. But they are temporary and subject to change. This is why we are told to be anxious for nothing and pray about everything.
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