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Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc. - Delivering hope, help and healing to women, youth and families.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Since 2004 it's been my mission to help empower women and children. Everyday hasn't been easy, but it's been most rewarding to help heal hearts and change  lives.

Encouraging women to find careers they love, start businesses, create opportunities and divine partnerships is my passion. Ready to release your potential and fulfill purpose in the marketplace? Keep reading.....

In 2007 I found myself in divorce court and financially unprepared for the emotional, psychological, spiritual and financial hardship that would follow. Raising three children wasn't an easy task. 
It was down right challenging. Yet, I will never forget HOW to make lemonade with lemons of life.

As women we know how to make things work. How to turn nothing into something and fix what's broken. 
Many times we don't know our own strengths, creativity, talents, gifts until we're forced to. One of the greatest ways to make a difference is to use your gifts, talents, skills and strengths in business.

If you are a woman interested in STARTING and growing your own business we can help! 
If you are a minority woman in business interested in developing a TEAM of partners we can help!
If you are a woman READY to work towards achieving your DREAMS we can help!
If you are a woman interested in CHANGING women's lives we can help!
If you're ready to LIVE again, LAUGH again, LOVE again and do BUSINESS again, we can help!

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