Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc. - Professional Career Coaching
Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc. -  Family Life Educational, Empowerment and Enrichment Center
Are you THRIVING in the workplace?
Are you finding success and reaching your full potential?
Are you working in alignment with your gifts and strengths?
Are you considering a career transition?

At Crossroad we believe finding the path to work you love is a gift. Would you agree the time away from our homes and families go by faster when you love what you do?
If you're in the market for a NEW job, considering a transition or don't know what your next opportunity should be we can help.  Our career coaching services include:

Strategic career counseling and job search assistance
Interview and life skills assessment 
Referrals to educational and training opportunities 
Career counseling assessment tools
Professional resume and cover letter writing assistance
Referrals for full or part-time opportunities
College grants search assistance 

Every person has unique gifts, talents and skills. Every person has worth and value. What we do matter. 
We help clients find fulfillment. You can THRIVE using your talents, strengths and passion. Our purpose is helping you identify yours and prepare for right opportunity. This is our passion. Call us today!!!

For more information call us a 866-BEHEALE or 866-234-3253

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