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Harvey George Institute for Leadership and Success

At the tender age of twenty-three and a single mother of one I had the rare opportunity to sit next to my uncle, Mr. Harvey George while a reporter from The New York Times interviewed him on February 19, 1993. The article spoke of life in prison which didn't define him but propelled him to his destiny. 

While I was no stranger to his story I enjoyed listening. Affectionately known as "Harvey" and my mother's oldest brother. We visited him many times in East Jersey State Prison, Rahway, NJ. 

Even though I was a young child I was excited to visit my uncle a smart, gentle and handsome man with a beard. He was charming and loved you deeply. Early in the morning mom would be in the kitchen cooking. The aroma reminded me of Sunday mornings. Mom loved to cook and was sure to make enough fried chicken, sweet potato pie, pound cake and potato salad for many of the inmates. 

The vision for Friends of the Lifer's was written while he was still in prison. Upon his release serving as President and CEO of Friends of the Lifer's Youth Corporation, Inc.a New Jersey based 501 c 3 nonprofit community-based organization was his greatest passion.  Through this grass-roots organization he
 served at-risk youth, families and elderly. Various programs helped formerly incarcerated men and women get back on their feet. From job training and employment referrals to community food pantry, legal clinics, transitional housing and a community garden.Unfortunately, due to the untimely the death of Mr. Harvey George, May 18, 2012 Friends of the Lifers' Youth Corporation ceased to exist. 

What many people don't know is Friends of the Lifer's Youth Corporation, Inc. kitchen area served as the temporary office space for Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc.  As Founder/ CEO of Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc. I am honored to launch "The Harvey George Institute for Leadership and Success"offers programs to keep middle and high school students off the streets, off drugs and out of  prison. Our objective is to "REDIRECT" them to pathways to purpose, leadership development and career success.  We aim to partner with schools, community organizations, churches and business leaders to serve high achieving, low-income minority students and student athletes. 

Our goal is to help deter students from prison so that they can discover their purpose and fulfill their potential as a productive citizen. Through The Harvey George Institute for Leadership and Success giving students the tools they need to succeed. From life skills, public speaking, character education and substance abuse prevention to financial literacy, college scholarships and writing and music production.

The Harvey George Institute for Leadership and Success also produces documentary films and book publishing projects with a message. Real people, Real Stories, Real Hope and Real Healing REDIRECTS students to something GREATER than themselves. This is the keys to achieving purpose and success.

To learn how you can partner with us to invest in the lives of youth through a donation or volunteerism please send an email


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