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                                                           " No 2 Prison, Yes 2 Purpose"

On February 10, 1993 I was honored to sit next to my uncle Mr. Harvey George while a reporter from The New York Times came to interview him.  The article spoke of his time in prison which didn't define him but propelled him towards his destiny. As a 23 year old mom I enjoyed hearing his story again and again.

Affectionately known as "Harvey" to friends he was "Uncle Harvey" to me because we was my mother's oldest brother. My family traveled to East Jersey State Prison, Rahway, NJ to visit my uncle. Even though I was young I was excited. He was a smart, brilliant, gentle and handsome man with a beard. He was charming and loved people deeply. His laugh was contagious and he always wore a smile. 

On the day our visit my mom Pastor Margaret Wright who worked the third shift at the hospital would come home and cook. The aroma reminded me of Sunday mornings. She'd prepared fried chicken, homemade sweet potato pie, pound cake and potato salad for Uncle Harvey and many of the inmates. 

My uncle discovered a greater call and life purpose while incarcerated. Upon his release he launched
Friends of the Lifer's Youth Corporation, Inc.a New Jersey based 501 c 3 non-profit grass-roots organization where we served at-risk youth, families and elderly. 

Various programs help formerly incarcerated men and women get back on their feet. From job training, employment referrals and a food pantry to legal clinics, transitional housing, a vegetable garden, toys for tots and Thanksgiving meals for the less fortunate. There was a special place in his heart for elderly in the community who often chose between a meal or medicine.

Unfortunately, due to the untimely death of Harvey George, May 18, 2012 Friends of the Lifers' Youth Corporation cease to exist. What many people don't know is Friends of the Lifer's Youth Corporation, Inc. kitchen area served as the first office space for Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc.  

As Founder/ CEO of Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc. I am honored to initiate the "Harvey George Second Chance Scholarship Program" in honor of my uncle, Harvey George, a father, brother, husband, mentor, visionary, author, community leader and formerly incarcerated activist. 

No 2 Prison, Yes 2 Purpose is working to help keep kids off the streets, off drugs and out of prison. We work with school districts, youth groups, restorative justice groups, sports teams, churches and after-school programs to inspire and motivate children and youth towards a purpose. We offer interactive speaking forums, youth events, leadership development, civic engagement, mental and behavioral health services, small business development and college readiness programs to help youth achieve their goals. 

No 2 Prison, Yes 2 Purpose supporters are family members of incarcerated youth, men and women, 
formerly incarcerated individuals, faith leaders, pastors and churches, lawyers, social workers, mental health providers, physicians, educators, artist, athletes, businesses and concerned citizens,  

Get involved. Pray for us. Partner with us. Make a donation. Please mail your contribution to:

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