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New Book Released
The Exodus Breaking Cycles and Changing Lives:
Repositioning Your Soul to Thrive After Domestic Violence
by Rev. Patrina M Wright
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Table of Contents
1. Moment of Truth
2. The Enemy of Your Soul
3. Protecting Your Heart
4. I Never Would Have Made It
5. It's Time to Remove the Mask
6. No More Suffering in Silence
7. Why Women Suffer in Silence
8. Domestic Violence Only Delayed Your Destiny
9. Delay Don't Mean Denial
10. It's A New Day
11. What Is An Exodus?
12. How Did I Get Here?
13. Rock Bottom Activates the Exodus
14. Understanding the Process of the Wilderness
15. How Do You Define Success
16. Why You Must Reposition Your Soul to Thrive?
17. Your Soul Must Embrace Healing
18. Your Soul Must Embrace Prosperity
19. Repositioning Your Spirit, Soul and Body
20. RepositionYour Soul through Relationship
21. Reposition Your Soul through the Holy Spirit
22. Reposition Your Soul through the Word of God
23. Reposition Your Soul through Prayer
24. Reposition Your Soul through Faith
25. Reposition Your Soul through Fasting
26. Reposition Your Soul through Forgiveness
27. Reposition Your Soul through Praise & Worship
28. The World is Seeking God's Word
29. The World's Greatest Safety Plan
30. Pastor's Beware
Still Scarred, Totally Healed
Opening Your Heart and 
 to God's Healing of Past Hurts
Written by Patrina Wright
Product Description
Abuse of any kind whether verbal, mental, physical, emotional or sexual leaves scars. The impact of abuse is far reaching. When you're wounded during your childhood years the pain affects every area of your life. 

Your innocence is stolen. You're confused, angry and bitter. You have low self-esteem and no self-worth.
Oftentimes you wear a mask because you really don't know who you are. Your adolescents, young adult and adult years are often filled with inner turmoil and pain. You feel guilty, dirty and distant. When you're abused you are wounded because your mind, body and spirit has been broken.
But God specializes in putting broken heart and lives back together again. Without God's divine intervention and revelation you will never discover who you are. God is bigger than your pain. His purposes for your life is greater than your past. He desires to love and affirm you. To restore and rebuild you. To heal every broken area in your life.
In Still Scarred, Totally Healed Patrina Wright shares her personal testimony of childhood pain. But she also proves that you can trust God again. When you open your wounded heart and mind to God's truth He will move you from a place of shame to a place of grace. He will heal you and reveal to you His wonderful purpose and plans for your life. If you or someone you know is in need of healing get ready to embark upon a new spiritual journey. The principles in this book will teach you how to:
  • Find hope and help for childhood scars
  • Discover your unique pathway to healing and wholeness
  • Change your mind and your life
  • Discover the power of forgiveness
  • Live again, laugh again, love again and dream again
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