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Welcome to Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc. a 501(c) (3) charitable organization established by Patrina Wright- Torres to help women and children at a "crossroad" find a NEW direction. 

While serving her community as a newspaper journalist and freelance writer she was being called to something but didn't know what. She had written a book and enjoyed speaking at conferences and meetings but often felt that her work wasn't finished. She wanted to help heal heal broken hearts and change lives so she returned to school to become a Christian Counselor. 

During this time her sensitivity to families experiencing crisis was heightened. Chance meetings with homeless women and children living on the streets, within faith communities and social services wasn't taken lightly. As stories of emotional, physical, sexual victimization increased so did her passion to do something. There were needs not being adequately addressed or respected within her local community among women and families, children with disabilities, low-income and disadvantaged households. 

While pursuing her studies and conducting research she begin connecting the dots between childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. Her childhood secrets and unhealed scars begin to surface. 

Facing truth about her own trauma and present problems couldn't be ignored. She choose to journey towards holistic healing and recovery and begin writing books to help others do the same. 

Today, she is teaching, training, counseling and coaching others to discover their purpose and fulfill their life's greatest potential. As a sought after teacher, speaker, corporate trainer and transitional coach she  teaches people how to make "good transitions". 

If you're ready to overcome the "WHY" behind the years of depression, low-self esteem, fear and anxiety, addiction and promiscuity, anger and resentment your healing journey can begin today.

A licensed and ordained minister delivers a message of healing at churches, high schools, colleges, TV shows, correctional facilities, prisons, training events, women's retreats and leadership conferences.

Are you CALLED to TEACH? 
Are you CALLED to HEAL?

Leaders are birthed through adversity. Even if you are going through a challenging situation today on the other side of the pain, disappointment and adversity there is a treasure within you. Don't despise small beginnings. The right doors, right people, right places are waiting for you to arrive. 

After participating in the Neighborhood Leadership Initiative nine month fellowship Patrina wrote a grant to establish Crossroad Women and Family Services and her mission of serving hurting women, children and families became reality. Legal advocacy, counseling, job referrals, shelter transportation and emergency financial assistance helped families realize "No mother and child has to journey alone". 

Do you envision a world where children can grow up happy, healthy and whole?
Are you concerned about hurting children and youth?
Do you believe education and employment can prepare youth to become productive citizens? 
Do you believe children who have special needs, learning disabilities, brain injuries are special?

Has your spirit been broken through years of abuse and oppression?
Have you struggled with suicidal thoughts?
Can you relate to wearing a smile while dying on the inside?
Do you know what it's like to be victimized by sexual abuse, molestation or rape?
Are you healed? 
Do you remember people sent into your life to journey alongside of you?

There is support to help you begin your personal journey. You can move from a place of shame to grace and from brokenness to wholeness a process. Every individual has the ability to get back on their feet. We need our dignity and self-worth restored. Humanity must do things that should and CAN be done. 

We must empower, encourage, educate others. We want to help you. We want to journey with you. 

There are many #MeToo stories that have yet to be told. We need to help REAL people, with REAL stories, about REAL pain to find their voice. People helping people re-write their stories is serious business.  

We must reach, teach and speak that change is possible. We must help people turn their NEGATIVES into  POSITIVES and begin to call forth their unique identity, purpose and potential from INSIDE out. 

Crossroad Women and Family Services exist to encourage and inspire, educate and employ. 

****We seek to heal the brokenhearted. Share our stories. Enlighten minds. Transform lives.

****We have chosen to BREAK the CYCLES of misinformation, myths and misunderstanding.

****We will use every platform available whether writing, publishing books, articles and blogs, public speaking, talk show appearances, film & music production, workshops, retreats and conferences. 

Seeing people RESTORED, RECOVERED and REBUILT is our mission, assignment, mandate!
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We'd love to hear from you. We welcome feedback, comments or suggestions. 

We hope to hear from you soon!
Thank you,
Patrina Wright- Torres, CEO/Executive Director
Host & Producer of, "Restore, Recover, Rebuild" Radio/TV Broadcast
Author of, "The Exodus Breaking Cycles and Changing Lives and Still Scarred, Totally Healed


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