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Students without a vision or direction for their future are more likely to experience a sense of hopelessness and frustration. However, students who have a career path and a plan to achieve their goals are more likely to stay in school rather than drop out. They also are more likely to focus on community involvement, work opportunities and personal development. Many students have untapped potential that can be developed, but many need help. We provide career counseling services to help students achieve their educational goals, find their purpose in order to pursue work they they love. 


Middle and high school years can be some of the most challenging years for a student and their families. During these years character and identity is being shaped. Life events can impact their ability to learn. Situations such as divorce, death, romantic breakup, teen pregnancy, bullying, substance abuse, financial struggles and legal battles can take a toll. We give hope of recovery during and after life challenges. 


Sometimes parents are in transition and need assistance. We work with parents to promote family strengthening and self-sufficiency. When parents are supported in reaching their goals whether educational, financial or career the family dynamics will begin to change. We provide personal development coaching to help strengthen parents and help them ENVISION new possibilities. We IGNITE the passion of parents who may have not had a desire to go back to school, seek a new career path or start a small business. We coach parents towards their greatness. Not only can parents achieve a new level of success but they will inspire their children to DREAM greater dreams. 

If you are in need of services or would like to make an appointment please contact us at [email protected] 

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