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Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc.

Post Office Box 2421, Kingston, NY 12402

Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc.

"Transforming Lives of Women Who Transform their World"

It is estimated that there are over 43 million adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

existing in America today. Not only does Child Sexual Abuse span across the globe silence allows predators to violate and defile many innocent children in every country.

We welcome individuals and organizations that share our commitment to join us.Childhood sexual abuse is the "silent killer" manifesting itself in the lives of children and adults. Behind EVERY symptom is a story. Are we LISTENING?

Do you ever wonder why children throughout the world turn to drugs and alcohol? What do you know about teen dating violence?

Do you know the IMPACT of teen pregnancy?

Has someone you loved attempted suicide?

Are you baffled by the issue of human trafficking?

Do you know the linkage between depression, eating disorders, bullying, anger and isolation and child sexual abuse?

If your answer is "YES" we invite you to partner with us to change this.

It's time for America to shed light on root causes and not just treat symptoms.

Wounded children become wounded adults. We can significantly IMPACT this social epidemic by reducing the risk of childhood sexual abuse.

Children deserve to lead happy, healthy and whole lives. Protecting our children is protecting their PASSION and PURPOSE. We are scheduling CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE PREVENTION WORKSHOPS for adults in the New York, New Jersey area.

It's TIME for us to reclaiming our children and youth. It's TIME to provide access to resources that promote the health and wellness of our communities. It's TIME to not only protection children but the HEALING of survivors.

We ALL bleed from cuts and SCARS go deep. It's TIME to unite to for healing..

If you're part of an organization, ministry or business interested learning MORE about training please email [email protected]

We'd love to CONNECT with you!