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Overview of Temperament

What is temperament? Temperament is the inborn (not genetic) part of who you are that determines how you respond to people, places and things. Your temperament impacts how you interact with your environment and the world around you. It affects your perception of yourself and others. Your temperament also determines how you respond to the stresses of life.

What is the purpose of temperament? The purpose of temperament is your specific designed and wiring. It helps you to understand how God uniquely created you with specific gifts, strengths, abilities, and weaknesses.

From where did my temperament originate? Upon your conception your temperament was imparted within you by God for a divine purpose.

What are the three areas of temperament? Three temperament areas are:

Inclusion: The area of inclusion affects how you respond to social interactions, surface relationships and intellectual energies.

Control: The area of control affects your willingness to make decisions and to accept responsibility for yourself and/or others.

Affection: The area of affection indicates your desire to express and receive love and approval and your need for relationships beyond the surface.

Why learn about your unique temperament? Learning about your needs will enlighten, empower and encourage you. Are you ready to learn:

Ways you may be trying to get your temperament needs met.
What type of career options are in alignment with your temperament.
How to take responsibility for decision making, goal setting, etc,
Healthy identify and address conflict
How to improve your relationships at home, workplace, community

Patrina Torres is a NCCC Licensed Minister of Pastoral Counseling and a NCCA Certified Temperament Counselor specializing in temperament.
Her training through the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) has provided her with deep insight into human behavior. With a belief that a holistic approach is important when helping clients understand who they are in relation to one's unique temperament she is passionate about promoting good mental and behavioral health within the communities she serves.

She is affiliated with National Christian Counselors Association (N.C.C.A.) a professional training, licensing and certification agency. Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors (S.A.C.C.) Certified through the National Christian Counselors Association and its Licensing Board of Examiners she is also:

  • A credentialed minister whose goal is to evangelize and ease the emotional pain and suffering of humanity.
  • Providing services under the authority of a legally organized national church organization.
  • Completed specialized training provided by the National Christian Counselors Association.
  • Completed the minimum requirements for continuing education and annual license renewal.
  • Upholds the National Christian Counselors Association Code of Ethics.


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